Are you preparing for an out-of-state or even international move? Hiring a Miami long-distance moving company can help keep stress levels to a minimum during this busy time. Between helping pack and unpack boxes, transporting materials, and handling logistics, partnering with reliable movers makes a potentially stressful move simple.

Reducing Your Stress

Choosing a reputable long-distance moving company is essential for preventing headaches during the relocation process. Be sure to read online reviews of movers thoroughly. Check for signs of reliability, like professional memberships and even industry awards.

One of the best types of assistance movers can help with is the packing process. When you’re going a long distance, there’s no reason not to leave this job to the professionals. With a longer route, there’s more opportunity for your belongings to become damaged in the process. Professional movers can free up your time before the move and ensure your items are safely stored.

Reducing Children Stress

It’s not uncommon for children to experience fear or anxiety about a move, considering they may have only lived in the same area their entire lives. Some tips that Sesame Street has shared for helping young ones deal with a move include:

  • Prepare your children well ahead of time. Make the news exciting!
  • Identify any signs of worry in your kids and talk about these feelings with them.
  • Include the entire family in discussions about the move

Reducing Pet Stress

While children can be prepped for the move, helping your family pets adjust can be a little trickier. ASPCA recommends taking steps like keeping your pets in the same room while you pack up your house. This way, they don’t get disoriented with all the movement and new people in the home. Keep your pet crates out in the open for a few weeks in advance, so your pets can become used to them.

Once you arrive at your destination, the professionals at ASPCA also recommend slowly introducing your pets to rooms of your new home. Give them access to multiple rooms over a staggered period of time, helping them get acquainted slowly, rather than introducing a large unknown environment all at once.

Reducing Plant Stress

Did you know that plants can also experience stress? Water your plants before moving, to avoid messes from trying to water them in the car. Be sure to keep your plants at moderate temperatures, as excessive cold or heat can quickly damage them irreversibly. When you reach your new home, don’t immediately set them in the sun. Instead, gradually increase the amount of sun exposure slowly to prevent “shocking” the plant.

When you’re ready to hire movers, contact American Fargo Moving & Storage. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting for you. We’ve been helping relocate our customers since 1949. When you partner with us, you’ll have access to:

  • Full-Service Packing
  • Custom Crating
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Storage
  • International Relocation Services
  • Transportation of Valuable Items
  • Unpacking/Uncrating
  • Debris Removal and Clean-Up

As an agent of Atlas Van Lines, we’re Miami long-distance movers that are qualified to transport your items around the world. Call us today or reach out via our convenient online contact form. We’ll send you a free, no-obligation quote for your long-distance move!